The principles of democracy, equality and justice for all are under threat, and millions of southwest Floridians are alarmed. Vital labor protections, social services and reproductive rights are being eroded. Rising ocean levels and threats to clean water are belittled or ignored. Tax breaks for the wealthy are proposed alongside cuts to health care for sick, elderly and poor Floridians. Discrimination, profiling, and veiled or actual threats of violence directed at people because of their ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation are on the rise.


Most alarming of all, the foundation of our democracy is being undermined by foreign meddling, virulent attacks on the press and the judiciary, unchecked abuses of power, and gross violations of the norms and traditions of our political system. This is not a partisan matter. Our basic democratic institutions are the rightful common heritage of all Americans. If you care about these issues, whatever your political affiliation, you will find a warm welcome at the SWFL Justice4All Coalition. Voice your concerns and meet like-minded neighbors at our monthly Meetups. Learn about the work being done by the dozens of partisan and non-partisan groups that are part of the Coalition. Discover which of them you share common ground with, and pitch in to help. As citizens in a democracy, we not only have rights, we have responsibilities. This is not the time to remain silent.

Southwest Florida has long benefited from activist community organizations. Following the 2016 elections the number of groups exploded, with the creation of Indivisible, the Women's March, and many others. The Coalition was created in early 2017 in response to this sudden burst of activism. Today, the SWFL Justice4All Coalition is honored to serve as a coordination, information-exchange and networking platform for more than 50 affiliated groups.