About the Coalition


Southwest Florida has long been home to, and benefited from, community-based activist organizations. Following the 2016 elections, the number of groups working on social justice issues in Collier and Lee counties multiplied, and the SWFL Justice4All Coalition was created in response to this sudden burst of local activism. The Coalition now consists of nearly 40 affiliated groups as a collaboration, information-exchange and networking hub.


Since our founding in early 2017, the issues we have tackled together include rising ocean levels, threats to clean water, gun violence, police brutality, labor rights, universal health care, challenges to reproductive rights, systemic problems of racism, ethnic and religious intolerance, and LGBTQ discrimination.

If your organization believes in fighting for democracy, social justice, and equality for all, and in building an inclusive community free of discrimination - whatever your political affiliation - you will find a warm welcome at the SWFL Justice4All Coalition. Come join us in taking a stand against injustice.